Rock Painting 20c Leaping Lion Cushion Cover (only)


The appearance of the SA Bushmen’s rock art on postage stamps in South Africa, depicts the role of the Bushmen in SA consciousness.
The choice of images have followed trends in the shifting status of the Bushman people and the way rock art has been viewed and understood. The ancestors of the hunter-gatherer San Bushmen people are considered to have been the first inhabitants of  Botswana & South Africa. Some tools and rock art paintings date back thousands of years.

16c – Eland
20c – Leaping Lion
25c – Black Wildebeest
30c – Sun Dance

The cushions are sewn by mothers from struggling areas in the Helderberg basin.
Through heART At Work® we endeavor to empower Mothers in township communities within the Helderberg Basin to fulfill their intrinsic value as providers and care givers to their children.


Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 10 mm

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