Karoo Wind Spinner Round 3D


“Gaze deeply into the ancient history
of this dry, cracked land and absorb stories
about our past from the secret rock layers,
rich with fossils, including those of the dinosaurs.
An ancient place rooted in Gondwanaland
and blessed with healing varieties
of hardy succulents and aloes…
dotted with creaky windmills
slowly bringing water up from far
beneath the ground and dotted with sheep
and ostriches behind rickety fences and old sighing farmhouses.

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Stainless steel wind spinners, especially designed to hang in your garden or window where the wind spinner will catch the breeze and delight your senses as you watch it spin, dancing with the wind that blows away all that we don’t need anymore. Wind Spinner Care Instructions:
Please maintain me regularly to prevent build up of salt crystals as then I can’t breathe. Care for me in the same way that you would maintain your silver or brass homeware, or put me in your dishwasher and I will give you years of joy. You can oil me with Z20/WD40 metal protecting spray and wipe me down.

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