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We have a friend we call Heavenly Heather, who is the saviour of all feathered creatures.  Heather developed a special bond with her beautiful big rooster, Kaiser.  He went on holiday with them, camped with them, sat in the car next to her or on Heather’s shoulder.  He played with the children in the pool and was a completely integrated part of Heather’s family.   Heather was devastated by Kaiser’s death in 2020 and in our efforts to console, we were inspired to do a Postage Stamp collection of chickens for our cushions.   Heather will get a special one of her Kaiser but this Bophuthatswana chicken collection is to honour all chickens who became beloved pets, including my grandmother who also had a much-loved chicken pet as a child.

35c – Light Sussex

70c Rhode Island Red

90c Brown Leghorn

R1.05 White Leghorn

Set of 4

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35c – Light Sussex, 70c Rhode Island Red, 90c Brown Leghorn, R1.05 White Leghorn, Set of 4


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