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Ostrich Egg Shell Mosaic

We like using broken ostrich egg shells from hatched baby ostriches, NOT blown eggs.
Sadly, the wild Ostrich population has declined drastically in the last 200 years,
with most surviving birds in reserves or on farms.

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We can make mirrors or furniture to your design and specifications

Mirror Mosaic

We use recycled mirror where possible. The mirror is cut into shapes, not broken. The old wives tale about 7 years bad luck for a broken mirror is because 100’s of years ago mirrors were very expensive and only owned by the very wealthy. If a servant broke a mirror, it usually took them 7 years to pay their master for the damage, which is why this is associated with bad luck.

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We can make mirrors or furniture to your design and specifications

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Glass & mirror that is not recycled is landfilled, where it remains forever, especially with regards to the iron oxide at the back of mirrors.

The energy saved by recycling just one glass bottle is enough to power a 100W glass bulb for almost an hour.

One of the main reasons to recycle glass & mirror is to save and protect the environment.

The simple concept of creating artistic artifacts from discarded bottles, mirrors & other recyclable products, results in a multitude of positive benefits.

Mirror Mosaic Poem

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