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Beautiful stamp cushions to decorate your home.

500X500mm, cotton twill and linen, digitally printed with designs that reflect our Southern African culture and heritage.

Each SA Stamp Cushion is totally unique as it comes with the actual original stamp (1954 — 1989) attached to the bottom LHS corner encapsulated under protective plastic within a stylish leather border attached to the matching cushion. These wonder art pieces from our history are now able to live on for years to come adorning stylish homes in South Africa, and around the World.   Reminders of the days when stamps were used to send hopes, love and dreams.

Cushion covers printed from incredible charcoal sketches.

Our Imagine Range is a collaboration with our dear friend Jane Moody, talented artist and fashion designer from Cape Town, South Africa.  These original charcoal sketches have been created especially to capture the beauty of our Southern African people and wild animals, celebrating their individual beauty and traditions.   Imagine living in a world where we accepted and celebrated each other and nature with equal respect and love.

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