It’s the beginning of the Christmas Season, my absolute favourite time of the year with the burst of colour from all the Christmassy decorations, the riot of Summer Richness that appears in Nature and the smiley, happy faces, bare feet touching the Earth and joyful, generous hearts that surround me.  Today our son James, 10 years old, wished me a Merry Monday and that just summed it up for me.

Christmas time really seems to bring out a generous spirit in humans. We offer smiles more freely, allow our laughter to bubble forth from our bellies and we love shopping or making little gifts to share with our families, friends and the people who contribute to our lives in some way, teachers, hair dressers, the people who help in our homes and gardens and the taken for granted refuse removal guys.

No matter which book you read, what you call your higher experience or how you feel about this season of being merry, somehow, it rubs off and we come together in forgiveness and hope for humanity.

I just want to revel in it, make everyone’s wishes come true and feel light and sparkly.

In the shadows though, are thoughts of our ancestors who shine as bright stars in the dark night. As we decorate our Tree, we hang up carefully chosen ornaments to represent each of those who don’t dance with us anymore. Animal and human alike.

It makes them feel closer and part of the merry making.

For many Christmas is a celebration of the Birth of Hope and I love that idea. That we celebrate Hope in whichever form means something to us.

So this month of Merriness, consciously spread Hope, think hopeful thoughts, speak hopeful words and give someone in your village, a reason to feel hope too.  Give Hope with heART At Work.  Be a heART At Work.


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