Public Benefit Organisation

heART At Work is proud to have Public Benefit Status.

This means that we can receive donations of money or kind and issue you a tax certificate in return for your generosity.

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Donations Accepted

Donations can be in the form of cash or items that we need to enable us to extend our reach to a growing number of mothers from previously disadvantaged communities in or around the Helderberg area of the beautiful Western Cape.

Financial Donations

We believe in Upliftment, Empowerment, Confidence, Security, Self Esteem, Positive Role Models and all the many other things that are often taken for granted in privileged societies.  We like to share this with the amazing human beings we work with.   Which is why your donations will be used to do just that:

  • Education
  • Skills Development
  • Personal Development
  • Safety & Security
  • Medical
  • Crisis Management (Fires, Floods, Theft)

Tax Deductible Donations

To read more about Tax deductible donations (Section 18A receipts), please click below:

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Wish List

This list is ever changing, so please have a look at our Wish List to stay updated.