We are heART At Work® Social Enterprise, NPO & PBO


heART At Work® is a Social Enterprise company, the NGO arm of which provides craft training, micro-business management skills and together with the Social Enterprise division, very importantly,  the fostering of economic opportunities in order to create a platform for a sustainable income thereby improving the quality of life for both mother and child of previously disadvantaged communities within the Helderberg Basin (Somerset West) near Cape Town.

Together we create beautiful gifts for you and for your home and garden, including the ever-popular Photo Strings which comprise of 4 shapes with little pegs at the back to enable you to hang you memories in your home or office in an easy and inexpensive way, allowing you the freedom to change the photographs as often as you like. Be mesmerized by our stainless steel Wind Spinners featuring either a heart, butterfly, swallow or one of our precious animals in the centre. The sparkle of the wind spinner in your garden will bring endless pleasure. The Crystal Mobile‘s focus on wellness and love of the gifts from our cherished Earth of Crystals and semi-precious stones.

heART At Work also creates beautiful mosaic pieces, using mainly recycled mirror and ostrich egg shell from hatched eggs.   We are also in the process of creating a new mirror and table ware range. We are always experimenting with new ways to make contemporary, yet special items for the home, products that will sell quickly and easily, thereby ensuring that the mothers we work with have a constant stream of income to better fulfil their intrinsic value as providers and caregivers to their children.

Our RSA Stamp Cushion Covers with their original stamps attached are amazing, reminding us of the history of South Africa, the people who facilitated necessary change and the art that reflects memories, hopes and dreams.



Top left is Tsitsi, who has been part of our team for years, busy doing the final cleaning on a magnificent mosaic cupboard yet to be assembled.  Tsitsi does all her work from home so that she can be available for her young son.

Top right is Charmaine, our tireless seamstress


Top left is Memory who does most of the copper and silver solder work on the very precious crystal mobiles.

Top right is Loyal Louise, her commitment and perseverance are so valued, nothing would run smoothly without Louise, she does all the beading of crystal mobiles, wind spinners, photo strings and all the packaging not to mention a million other little priceless things.

heART At Work

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